D-sight Re-imagining Decision Making

D-Sight Launches Project Portfolio Optimization Tool, Aims To Re-Imagine The Way Large Organizations Approach Decision Making

 – Software applies university-developed multi-criteria PROMETHEE and multi-attribute utility theory (MAUT) decision making methodology

– D-Sight clients include the Unesco Institute of Water Education, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Italy’s Italferr train company, the World Trade Organization, Brussels Airports, and universities across the world

– Project Portfolio Optimization helps high-level decision makers prioritize their investments to optimize planning, decision making, and returns and streamline organizational spending

– “D-Sight offers the repeatability and objectivity of a scientifically proven process, applied through an adaptive framework on a case-by-case basis.” – CEO Quantin Hayez

After two years of development, D-Sight announces the launch of its Project Portfolio Optimization software tool, aiming to re-imagine the way large organizations approach decision making.

Since breaking off from the Engineering School at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and moving to ICAB Business and Technology Incubator, D-Sight has worked with high-level decision makers in the private and public sectors to bring a systematized, structured approach to organizational strategy.

D-Sight’s unique and adaptable software solutions are capable of weighing thousands of variables, assessing input from any number of stakeholders to provide objective, thoroughly vetted guidance for the most complicated policy and project decisions. An expert team works alongside clients to tailor software, train staff in proven scientific methodologies, analyze results, and establish decision processes.

“We tend to hold the decision-making prowess of our leaders in very high regard, when in actuality, the best decision any organization can make is to leave the toughest analyses up to a system, so that the human element only comes in on top of a data-driven process,” says D-Sight CEO Quantin Hayez, a decision-making and software development expert. “In the complicated world we live in, it’s impossible to make choices in a vacuum, and once you take the world into consideration, there are too many factors for any choice to be simple. At D-Sight, we believe that the best decisions are the result of objective, structured processes.”

D-Sight software solutions, explains Hayez, combine the flexibility of individualized service with the structure of proven science.

“All the constraints can be adjusted,” he says. “We weigh the restraints differently depending on the specifications of each client and on the decision at hand. We can add different inputs — thousands of inputs, everything from expert opinions to hard data, to future projections — and customize how they should interplay. Even after the results come back, our tools are sensitive enough to show analyses of how a given solution might change given different variables or different consideration priorities.

“D-Sight offers the repeatability and objectivity of a scientifically proven process, applied through an adaptive framework on a case-by-case basis. We spent years working in an academic setting to develop and test these methodologies, but it’s our personalized attention that makes them work on the level our clients expect and require.”

D-Sight has worked with the UNESCO Institute of Water Education, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Italy’s Italferr train company, the World Trade Organization, the city of Lausanne — which hosts the International Olympic Committee — Brussels Airports, Germany’s DLR airline, and universities in Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada, France, and everywhere in between. Over the course of its numerous and diverse partnerships in the corporate, NGO, and public sectors, D-Sight has helped organizations plan railway routes, price medicine, design public transport systems, and more, working alongside industry experts in some of the most cutting edge fields in modern globalized society.

“Our client list is a testament to just how expansive, adaptable, and powerful the underlying technologies we work with are,” says D-Sight CTO Jimmy Bonney. “We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with experts in an incredible range of areas, facing idiosyncratic and highly variant challenges depending on the individual culture, geography, and market considerations at hand, and this, more than all the university testing that preceded our initial product launch, has proved to us that our methodology truly does have the potential to change the way high-level macro decision making functions on a global scale.”

Like all D-Sight software solutions, Project Portfolio Optimization Tool relies on the multi-criteria PROMETHEE methodology originally developed at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and adapted by the D-Sight team into a professional product. The Project Portfolio Optimization Tool helps organizations prioritize their spending projects according to short-and-long term goals, budgetary restrictions, and market constraints, figures, and estimates. D-Sight streamlines the strategic planning process through one systematized software platform and allows users to visualize and measure the impact of changing variables using intuitive sensitivity analysis projections.

“Portfolio management is perhaps the premier example of an area where you want as little intuition as possible,” says Bonney. “Little changes can have a huge impact on overall organizational efficiency and performance. Corporations serious about meeting their investment goals will be looking to implement a standardized system to make intelligent decisions that can be defended objectively.”

With the launch of the Project Portfolio Optimization Tool , D-Sight is continuing its mission to bring a sound, scientific, systems-based approach to high-level organizations’ most important decisions.



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