bringing down streaming barriers

By June 1, 2014

Barriers to sharing streaming music are coming down thanks to the launch of a ‘universal, embeddable playlist’ from

The y-combinator-backed company recently release their music aggregator that compiles offerings from all the major music services, allowing users to stream, watch or buy any song online, regardless of their country, device, or music service. automatically searches music services like Spotify, Rdio, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, Beats Music, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, taking user-service arrangements into account to generate a single stream and single purchase link guaranteed to work.

The start-up has made alliances with artists like Linkin Park and Keith Urban to make their music available through the playlist.

“We decided to use because not only is it a great social media tool for fans to engage around content, it gives the artist a deeper understanding of their audience’s listening profile, especially as it relates to streaming audio services. In a very short time we have already received actionable intelligence,” says Kavi Halemane, EVP & Head Of Digital at The Collective, which manages Linkin Park.

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