LuckiePennie Launches To Change Way We Discover Music

By March 29, 2014

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PhD and musician partners announce the launch of the LuckyPennie iPhone app, available today on the iTunes App store for free. Taking the music industry by storm, the LuckyPennie application is designed to re-imagine the way we discover music.

A new product in a growing collection of music businesses by PhD John Wolanin,  musician and serial founder Jonathan Lane, and developer Joe Landon, LuckyPennie is music discovery from local tastemakers. With LuckyPennie, individuals can discover new tracks, find local shows, and connect with like-minded people.

“Between the three founders, we have been involved with the music industry for over thirty years on both the artist and business side,” says Co-Founder John Wolanin. “However, even though we are based in Los Angeles, we still have difficulty finding new songs and events to attend. We built LuckyPennie to fulfill this need.”

“Social platforms have revenues in the billions and concert promotion and music-streaming services have annual revenue of $24B and $767M, yet there still lacks a platform to marry the two services”, adds the Los Angeles innovator. “Today we launch LuckiePennie to be this bridge.”

The new iPhone application — which launches today — offers a new vision for discovering music. With an easy-to-use interface, individuals can discover music from influential tastemakers, the people who know their local music best.

As Co-Founder Jonathan Lane explains, “Imagine visiting Los Angeles. Locals in the LA music scene, who are passionate about music, post songs and concerts that are relevant to their music scene. These are bands that you probably don’t know about. But once you fire up LuckyPennie, you can get a glimpse of the scene here in LA and get leads on what bands to see, where to see them and almost just as important, who to see them with, while in you’re in town.”

For the last decade or so, the way people access and connect to music has gone through dramatic and rapid changes,” says John, who earned his Doctorate in Psychology before co-founding LuckyPennie. “If you look at activity now, there is incredible diversity in the public’s interaction with live music.”

LuckyPennie’s true potential lies in the ways it can serve as a central music platform to “unify the social discovery experience”, he says.

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