Mindworks- the meditation app for overworked minds

By January 30, 2018

Stress, anxiety, worries and negative thoughts are unavoidable aspects of being alive. Every single person on the planet has to go through challenging times and if anyone claims otherwise, that person is not being truthful. The only thing that differentiates us from one another is our capability to cope and deal with the challenging times we experience.

One universal practice that is used by people all over the world to cope with difficult times is Meditation. Meditation helps us control our minds and relax which in turn enables us to achieve a state of mind in which we can eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety and deal with the problems and the difficult times we are experiencing in a calm and cool manner.

Additionally, Meditation has many positive benefits for our health which includes a decrease in physical tension, lower blood pressure, a strengthened immune system and slowing down of the aging process. According to The American Heart Association, meditation may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

There is one smartphone application startup that was founded for the specific purpose of helping people perform meditation practices. The startup in question is Mindworks, a smartphone application that was founded in 2015.

Mindworks teaches a combination of mindfulness and awareness practices from individuals who were taught and trained by some of the world’s most preeminent Buddhist Meditation masters. The application consists of a combination of videos, audio recordings and articles that provides tools to help cope with stressful times and helps calm the mind from its daily thoughts and emotions.

The application goes beyond standard meditation technology by offering guidance and teachings that cover a range of topical issues from personal contentment to better parenting and creating true wealth.

The founder of Mindworks, Bart Mendel, created the startup with the aim to foster greater happiness and well-being by making meditation accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere and be a positive influence for people’s lives and ability to cope with everyday stressors.