New app targets rising demand for U.S. visas

By August 20, 2014

A recently launched app is looking to keep up with the increasing demand for U.S. visas by making the application process easier and more accessible.

After observing a 19% increase in U.S. visa applications between 2011 and 2012, the creators of SimpleVisa sought to develop an app that streamlines a traditionally time-consuming process. By using patent-pending photo technology, SimpleVisa allows users to scan their passports and receive a United States visa waiver within a few minutes.

“We thought about where the best entry point in this process would be to cut out as much of the time and effort involved as possible,” says founder Loris Mazloum, a French entrepreneur, “Because our users have cameras built into their devices already, the whole thing is reduced to one easy step that also eliminates the chance for manual error.”

The app currently works for any of the 38 countries on the United States’ visa waiver list, and plans to expand its services to United States citizens planning trips to countries with similarly friendly travel relationship



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