San Francisco-based NexTravel teams up with Greenhouse Software to improve business travel

By January 18, 2018

NexTravel, the San Francisco-based business travel management platform which makes booking and managing business travel easier and more cost-effective for companies, announced their collaboration with Greenhouse software. The two companies will now lead a joint effort to revolutionize the hiring process and make it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to fly long distance candidates to interviews.

The existing hiring process makes it complicated for companies to interview high potential candidates who live far away or in a different state. Just to achieve an interview with a candidate, hiring companies must personally find and arrange the best flight options along with accommodation. 

The process simply puts too much on the plate for hiring companies who already have too many responsibilities to deal with. It also puts a company at risk of missing out on the best candidate if it decides that it is not worth the time and monetary investment to arrange an interview for a candidate who is not within an acceptable proximity.   

Dane Hurtubise

Two companies who have identified the problem and are keen to provide a solution are NexTravel and Greenhouse software

“The Greenhouse and NexTravel integration allows our innovative mutual clients to easily arrange candidate travel for interviews, streamlining the hiring process. In the highly competitive world of recruiting, lowering the time to hire is an important objective for talent teams. This integration takes the complexity out of candidate travel expenses and logistics” said the VP of Platform and Partnerships at Greenhouse, Dane Hurtubise.

Greenhouse Software is a New York and San Francisco-based provider of enterprise talent acquisition which helps its clients to compete and win for top talent. The company strives to automate all aspects of hiring throughout their organizations and has partnerships with some highly reputable companies including Airbnb, Time Inc., and Cisco Meraki.

Wen-Wen Lam

The two companies will now use each other’s strengths along with machine learning technology to provide their clients with a service that will save time and money by automatically booking flights and travel arrangements for candidates who need to travel to interviews.

The CEO of NexTravel, Wen-Wen Lam, waxed lyrical about the partnership as she delivered the following statement: “We are excited to partner with Greenhouse to automate the hiring process and reduce the time spent by recruiters to book candidate travel. With this partnership, we will be able to take the strengths of both offerings and combine them to make an overall smoother hiring experience for the fastest growing companies in the world.”