YO.TV Launches TV Discovery Platform Worldwide

By March 29, 2014



YO.TV launches its TV discovery platform to the world, aiming to re-imagine the way we find and share shows online.

YO.TV takes UK’s most-used TV discovery platform, with over 5M users, international to change the way viewers around the world discover and engage with TV content.

YO.TV is a mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play that works on smartphones and tablets. Users can access listings for all their favorite channels across broadcast providers. “Now” and “Next” options streamline the scanning process, giving cross sectional views of the full channel listings for any given time block. Personalized features let users set themselves reminders on their personal calendars or share their tastes in TV with friends via social media.

With five million users in the United Kingdom alone and listings for over 1000 channels, YO.TV is the proven choice for mobile owners. And with plans to expand to 50 countries in 14 languages, YO.TV is shifting the way viewers everywhere experience their televisions through their mobile devices.

“The biggest innovations are the usually the simplest concepts,” says Chetan Damani, the Co-Founder of YO.TV, “especially for mobile apps. Most people who access the internet via their smartphones use apps instead of browsers, which tells us that apps work best when they fulfill very specific functions.

“With YO.TV, we just looked at the way people were already using their phones and their televisions, and brought that all together in a single space.”