How to decide what to have with your wine: Ask the Wine Butler

By May 2, 2014

An app that links wine lovers with different regional wines complete with cheese and recipe recommendations has been launched by a publisher of “local” apps.

Photo: GoLocalApps

Photo: GoLocalApps

GoLocalApps announces the launch of its newest mobile app, The Wine Butler, in its mission to change the way people find and experience wine.

The company said the “Wine Butler” provides users with 3-5 recommendations per week, pairing great reds and whites from throughout California and the country with interesting cheese and fully detailed recipe suggestions.

Users can access informative background information on wineries, wine-growing regions, and cheese brands, with contact information (including links to Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp) and interactive directions also featured automatically. Expand your horizons with weekly regional focuses and compile favorites right on the app.

“The Wine Butler is for connoisseurs, for foodies, for dinner party hosts and book group enthusiasts or couples looking to put together a romantic dinner,” says GoLocalApps President and CEO Heidi Komlofske. “Really though, it’s for anyone who enjoys wine and wants a new way to discover vineyards and wineries and interact with their local communities.”

Komlofske, who worked in marketing for more than 20 years before becoming involved with GoLocalApps, says that The Wine Butler is not about erudition, but taste.

“Even regular wine drinkers can be intimidated by the available selection and the kind of stereotypes that exist around wine. But with The Wine Butler, we didn’t see any need to compromise accessibility for quality, or vice versa. What we’ve done is give some really great wineries a medium through which to connect with the full spectrum of wine drinkers, from your savvy buyer with refined tastes to people just developing an interest in wine culture and interested in experimenting.”

The suggestions, he says, are also only a guideline.

“Everything we promote, from the wines to the cheeses, comes with additional information and context. You can follow the recipe or improvise. Mix-and-match cheeses and wines. Take only what you want, and leave the rest. That’s one of the benefits of a personal mobile experience.”

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