Y Combinator Statwing Announces Funding

By March 28, 2014


Y Combinator backed Statwing announces it has raised funding from Cloudera founder Jeff Hammerbacher, continuing its mission to re-imagine the way we approach data analysis. The brainchild of Greg Laughlin and John Le, Statwing affords powerful data analysis with none of the headache, through an intuitive interface combined with a wide range of visualization capabilities.

With Jeff Hammerbacher’s investment, Statwing looks to be in good company, as Jeff is not only the Co-Founder of Cloudera, he is also responsible for coining the term “data scientist”.

Statwing is also announcing its new Partnership Program, whereby partners can provide data analysis tools to their users, saving time and effort as they streamline the data analysis process. Partners can leverage Statwing’s new program in two ways, one of which is free and carries the Statwing logo, and a second option where users analyze their data in a fully partner-branded version of Statwing—either embedded directly in the partner’s web app, or at a [partner].statwing.com-type URL.

For example, users of InCrowd’s doctor survey service see the results of every service in an InCrowd-branded version of Statwing; the data transfer is seamless, so their users feel like they’re still using InCrowd.

Services like AskMeEvery, a quantified self service, add an “Export to Statwing” link to their site so their users can one-click transfer their data to Statwing and begin analyzing it immediately (starting a free 2-week trial of Statwing).

“We couldn’t be happier with Statwing as a partner. Survata fulfills millions of survey questions for clients every year, and that data requires powerful analysis software to generate insights.  So, Statwing performs a critical function for us, and our clients constantly give positive feedback about it. Best of all, we were up and running on the API in 24 hours,” says Chris Kelly, CEO of Survata.

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