ADTZ to take on data and business intelligence specialists in Miami

By May 27, 2014

ADTZ CEO Juan Dominguez says the social marketing firm’s new Miami office will be hiring data and business intelligence specialists to build on the company’s overarching goal of correlating Facebook campaign results to tangible gains in reach, fans and marketing performance. 

“If you look at our history, you’ll see that we have consistently invested in expanding our services and presence. Bringing an office to the United States was an obvious next step for us, and we think Miami in particular fits with what we’ve managed to accomplish in Latin America. The cohesion between Miami and our Spanish-speaking operations is something we thought a lot about.”

ADTZ has worked on more Facebook ad campaigns in Spain and Latin America than any other company and they look to build on that in Miami.

ADTZ, explains  Ricardo Reis Co-Founder of ADTZ and LatAm CEO, was one of the first social media marketing firms in the world. Through its partnership with the Facebook API platform, it has managed to become an industry leader in demonstrable performance improvements.

“Everyone seems to understand the importance of a social media presence in the digital age, not just for businesses, but also for political groups, non-profits, charities — anyone, really. But it’s amazing how many people still labor under the impression that Facebook, for example, is this sort of nebulous, ephemeral sphere, when in actuality, social media is highly quantifiable, more so than many traditional advertising platforms. Social media marketing works, especially when it’s well-administered, and at ADTZ, we will prove to you exactly how it’s working.”


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