Backendless: A Company that Transformed the Way Developers Create Applications

By May 9, 2014

Backendless, a Texas-based company, announces the launch of the world’s most advanced backend as a service platform for desktop and mobile app developers.

After months of intensive testing and the addition of various new features, the cloud-based backend-as-a-service platform for software developers building mobile and desktop applications has reached the peak of its development stage and will now be exiting the Beta testing phase.

By removing the need for writing code on the server-side, Backendless allows for users to develop applications 50 to 100% faster than normal, giving developers the chance to focus more on the application logic and the client-side of the applications.

As the server-side functionality is taken care of by the easy-to-use APIs packaged in Backendless’ SDKs, saving time and effort, developers can place a higher emphasis on user experience and business logic thus significantly reducing the time-to-market and greatly benefiting from an endlessly scalable backend infrastructure.

The built-in services provide facilities to handle user registrations, logins and session management. It takes care of relational data persistence and file management. It also handles publish/subscribe messaging and push notifications. Provides support for audio-video streaming and geo-location services. Users can then customize the behavior of services and their business logic through the service’s Developer Console.

 “We’re passionate about Backendless because it is a paradigm shifting technology. It could have a profound impact on the whole generation of software developers and completely change the way applications are built,” says Founder and CEO, Mark Piller. “Our core differentiators are that we support language agnostics for data structure transfer, audio/video broadcasting and recording for mobile devices, client-side code generation, standalone deployment, and versioning capabilities,” continues Piller.

And this has been recognized by users, as the startup already have nearly 4,000 clients developing mobile and desktop apps.



Backendless was created by Mark Piller, the mastermind behind Midnight Coders, a ground-breaking software company specializing in client-server enterprise integration technologies. With no outside capital whatsoever, Piller grew the company to become a multi-million dollar business, which has been growing at a rate of 40% for the past 3 years. He specializes in distributed computing systems, software and systems architecture and software development. 

The founders of Backendless are passionate about its paradigm shifting technology, changing the way the software developers consider backend-as-a-service and the way applications are built. The startup has been recognized by Gartner as a sample vendor in multiple research papers. Backendless also received international recognition as second-runners-up in the IDCEE 2013 Startup Competition, and its services are now ready for General Availability release.


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